Ask Alexa & GPT-3 to read your child a unique, personalised story.

08/08/2021, GPT-3

Ask Alexa & GPT-3 to read your child a unique, personalised story.

I created an Alexa skill that reads a unique, AI-generated, personalised short story for children on any requested theme. The characters in the story will be their own family members or pets.

Listen to this (1-minute) example with a story about a “zebra hiding in the toy cupboard”, created for a 6-year-old boy and his baby brother.


This process requires no coding but does need the following software:

How to create the skill

1) Register an account with GPT-3. 

2) Copy this Zap to your own Zapier account.

3) Edit Step 2 of the Zap to change the name, ages, and location of the characters to those of your own family.

4) Copy your authorization key from the OpenAI website.

5) Add your API key to the authorization fields in step 2 of the Zap.

(Don’t bother trying to using my API key. It has been deleted)

6) Register an account at VoiceMonkey and link it to your Amazon account.

7) Create a Monkey named “GPT3”.

8) Create a routine in the Alexa App with your Monkey as the trigger (“When this happens” >”Smart Home” > “Your monkey name”).

9) Say “Alexa, Ask Zapier to trigger a Zap”. When asked which Zap you would like to trigger, say “Tell me a story.”

10) Zapier will then ask your child for the theme of the story. After a short delay, Alexa will read the story out.



While this post has absolutely nothing to do with digital marketing it is a continuation of my experiments with machine learning models. This is my first attempt to use GPT-3 with a voice-enabled device.

Hopefully, this experiment will inspire you to consider the other applications possible using the same process. By changing the prompt in Step 2 of the Zap, you can adapt this to generate any other type of information based on voice commands.

Once your free GPT-3 credits have run out the API cost should be approximately $0.10 per story generated.  Therefore, the biggest cost of using this app is the Pro subscription to Zapier (£38 pm).  

Tip: To save repeatedly having to say “Alexa, ask Zapier to trigger a Zap”, create a routine in Alexa with any short voice command as the trigger and with the action, “Ask Zapier to trigger a Zap”.  This makes the skill much more intuitive and usable for young children.

Please let me know how you get on or follow me on Twitter for new scripts and updates.