How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive qualified traffic to your website.

13/01/2021, Content Marketing

How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive qualified traffic to your website.

Watch this (10 min) video to see how to use the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to create high quality traffic to your site. The finished article can be found here

Note: I am not an affiliate of any of the tools mention in this post and receive no financial compensation from any of the companies mentioned.

Video Transcript

You’re probably aware that having really good content on your website is a great way to bring in qualified visitors into the site that then may go on to become your customers, or link to your content that helps your SEO.

The problem with generating high quality content on a website is that, obviously, it’s something that takes time, and you need to have the skill and the ability to produce content that people want to read and is informative and helpful.

I’ve put this video together today just to show you something pretty incredible that will allow you to create content that will attract traffic into your website. and where you won’t have to write a single word of the content yourself.

Just as an example, I’m going to use this website here. This is a tea business, run by a young woman who I mentor at the Princes Trust. It’s a lovely little business. Lucy, who runs it, sells high quality teabags, and loose-leaf tea on this website. She does have a blog on here, but I’m not sure that the blog is driving a huge amount of traffic at the moment.

What I’m going to use to come up with the idea for this content is on the website called Content Explorer. What it allows you to do is to put in a topic into the search bar and then it will show you content that has been published on that topic and let you know how well it’s performed.

In the topic box here, I’m simply going to type in tea as the topic. I want to keep it as broad as possible. Then I’m just going to select here, in title. It only finds articles that have tea in the title of the content rather than just mentioned somewhere, and then do a search.

I then scroll down and it’s showing me it’s found over two million articles that include the word tea in the article. Then it shows me a whole load of information; like how much traffic the article is getting, how many links that article has gained from other websites and also the Domain Rating of the website. If you remember, the Domain Rating of a website is a reflection if its authority. It’s to do with how many other websites are linking to it.

Now, the thing is, Zigzag tea is a fairly small business, and it doesn’t have a huge Domain Rating at the moment. It’s going to struggle to compete with websites that have a domain rating of 84, 79, 84 – these kinds of numbers. I think the Domain Rating at the moment is somewhere around about 15 or so, something like that.

I’m just going to scroll up to the top here and I’m going to add a filter. I’m going to say only show me articles on websites with a Domain Rating up to 20, no more than 20 so it’s within the same category of website as Lucy’s. That’s going to filter it down and you’ll see, I’ve got a lot fewer results.

The next thing I’m going to do is just change the order of these. Because you can see I’ve got some articles here at the top that they’re getting no organic search traffic at all. And I’m not really interested in those. I’m looking for articles that are bringing in some good traffic into the website. I’m going to say sort them in order of organic traffic. Now I’ve got the most popular articles at the top here.

What I’m going to do, I’m just going to quickly scroll down this list and see if I can find a topic that I think would be suitable for Lucy’s website.

Okay, here is I think a good candidate. Lucy’s tea is herbal tea, it has these kinds of healthy properties around it. You can see that there’s an article here on a website called homecareassistancechicago, presumably an American website.

The article is called six soothing teas for migraines. Which is quite interesting. The website only has a Domain Rating of nine. This is a less authoritative website then Lucy’s, which has a Domain Rating of around about 15 or so. This is an article that we can compete with. If you have a look here, this article is bringing in 2,100 Google visitors every month, right into that website.

Around 24,000 visitors a year coming into this website. Presumably, all people who are interested in drinking high quality herbal teas. If I click here on details and then keywords, it then shows me the actual search terms that people are using here, teas for headaches, tea for headache, best tea for migraines, all this kind of thing.

And you can see, this is actually in America, but 3,200 people a month are searching for tea for headaches for that particular search term. You can see, in America, this article is ranking number one on Google for that particular search term. I think we’ve got a good topic here.

Teas for headaches or teas for migraine. Now I’ve got the topic, all I need is the article. Now let’s assume I don’t have either the time, the ability or knowledge to write an article (which I don’t) on a teas for migraines.

What I’m going to show you now is a really interesting, a new tool that I’ve been playing with here. Which is a tool called Inferkit.  Inferkit uses Artificial Intelligence to generate content for you. The content that it creates isn’t just things that it’s pulled from the web from other sources and just copying things that it’s found. It’s actually writing the content in the same way that a human would. I’m just going to quickly show you here how to use it.

It’s asking me here, how long I want the content to be. I’m just going to take this up to the maximum.

Now I’m going to have to just start it. I could just give it the title or the first paragraph.  This is called the prompt. I’ve got to put something in here, so it knows what to write about. Start at the beginning, means whatever I put in this box is going to be the beginning of the article.  And I’m also going to tick this box here. Don’t pause at the end of the text. So when it’s run out of things to write about that’s when it will stop, not halfway through.

All the other settings here, Advanced Settings, things like that. Just leave them exactly as they are. They’re absolutely fine.

What I’m going to do, I’m going to pop into the box here some text that I took from one of the articles that I found on this topic on Google, the best tea for treating migraines, migraines are a type of headache that can cause severe pain and symptoms and bleeding, nausea, sensitivity to light, etc.

And it says here, millions of Americans, I’m going to change that to millions of people suffer from chronic migraines, making it one of the most commonly experienced elements. That’s the only bit I’ve taken from elsewhere. You don’t have to copy this from another website. You could just put the title in, or you could just write the first couple of sentences yourself.

And then all you have to do is, press this button here, generate text and I’ll show you what it does.

That’s the bit that I entered. Now you can see it starting to write the article. A migraine headache can be painful and incapacitating. There are lots of options to treat your migraine. But tea specifically may help you. Let me just zoom in on this a little bit so that you can see this a bit more clearly.

So if you’re looking for ways to treat your migraines read on for eight different teas, that may help you manage your migraines. Now it’s going to start listing a number of teas, starting with Hibiscus.

So what I’m going to do rather than you have to sit here and wait while this thing writes the article, I will post the contents of this article, along with this video so you can have a read through it and see whether you think it’s an article of a standard good enough to publish on your own blog.

I certainly think that the quality of the content that it comes up with, is extremely high, and plenty good enough for the purpose of generating this kind of content.

You can see here now it’s coming up with all these different ingredients that could be used. If you’re curious about what this tool Inferkit costs to use, this is the pricing page here. They actually have a free plan that will allow you to generate 40,000 characters, without having to pay anything.

If you want to generate more content, you can have 600,000 characters, which would certainly be plenty for a few articles, at a cost of $20 a month. All their pricing is monthly. So you’re not committing to anything more than a month. You can literally just, use it for a month and then stop.

Have a play around with the free version of this and see what you think. Once you’ve got the article, obviously, then publish it on your website. In the case of this article for Lucy, there’s a very good chance that her website will then rank well on Google for this term, “best teas for migraine” and she’ll have a nice piece of content on her website.

All right. Hope that’s of interest. Take care. Bye now.