How to use Emotional Goal Optimisation (EGO) to Increase Rankings, Clicks & Conversions

    This post explains how to apply Emotional Goal Optimisation (EGO) to your website. A process that doubled the traffic to my client’s site and increased her online conversions by 700% (see image above). This was achieved at zero cost by making just a few simple changes to her website. As a result, her […]

What Makes Online Visitors Trust a Small Business?

A 2015 survey by YouGov showed that, when shopping offline, 71% of consumers preferred to buy from a small business. When shopping online, however, the majority of consumers preferred to buy from a big business; citing “trust” as the main reason for their change in preference.   Owning a well-known, brand name is obviously an […]

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Why Most Lawyers' Websites Stink

I have recently been working with a number of UK-based law firms to help them understand how to make their websites more discoverable and better able to generate new client enquiries. It has given me an insight into this industry and a way to hear about the specific challenges they face in growing their practice. […]

Why Most Accountants' Websites Stink

One of the things I love most about my work is that I get to meet a lot of different people in a variety of different business sectors. Recently, I have been working with a lot of accountancy firms. Some are small single-partner firms and others global corporations. It has been really interesting getting to […]