What Makes Online Visitors Trust a Small Business?

A 2015 survey by YouGov showed that, when shopping offline, 71% of consumers preferred to buy from a small business. When shopping online, however, the majority of consumers preferred to buy from a big business; citing “trust” as the main reason for their change in preference.   Owning a well-known, brand name is obviously an […]

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The 2016 Non-Techie’s Complete Website Checklist

This is a comprehensive, non-technical website checklist for any business or organisation website covering the most important aspects of web design, visitor conversion, usability and SEO.  You can either expand each section individually or use the links below to expand the entire checklist on one page. Each item on the checklist includes a plain-English explanation with links to […]

An Easy 3-step Process to Writing Landing Pages that Convert

  Are the words on your landing page making visitors press the back button? This simple 3-step guide will help you create words that get results.     Why are you sending your customers away? Every day, prospective customers are performing searches on Google looking for a business just like yours.  They scan your home page, stay for […]