How to use Emotional Goal Optimisation (EGO) to Increase Rankings, Clicks & Conversions

    This post explains how to apply Emotional Goal Optimisation (EGO) to your website. A process that doubled the traffic to my client’s site and increased her online conversions by 700% (see image above). This was achieved at zero cost by making just a few simple changes to her website. As a result, her […]

RED Academy London Review –Legal, decent, honest and truthful?

  I was recently approached by a client asking whether I could provide digital marketing training for her son who was hoping to start a career in the industry. As I only provide training for businesses and organisations, I was, unfortunately, not able to assist.   A few days later, the client contacted me again […]

Which is the Best E-commerce Platform for SEO?

When choosing a Shopping Cart platform for your E-commerce business you might assume that most cart systems will be equally capable when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In fact, many of the features needed to help Google understand your website are often only available by paying additional charges or, in some cases, not at all. […]

What does your website reveal about your business?

Does your website suffer from one of these 8 common personality disorders? Websites are a lot like people. They each have their own particular traits that reveal a huge amount about the people behind the organisation or business. Which one of these common personality types does your website reveal? Peter is the guy (and isn’t it always a […]

What Makes Online Visitors Trust a Small Business?

A 2015 survey by YouGov showed that, when shopping offline, 71% of consumers preferred to buy from a small business. When shopping online, however, the majority of consumers preferred to buy from a big business; citing “trust” as the main reason for their change in preference.   Owning a well-known, brand name is obviously an […]

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Which Country Should I Target for eCommerce Exporting?

If you run an eCommerce business it can be tricky to work out which countries are best to target for exporting. We have prepared this handy infographic to help you see at a glance the ease or difficulty of trading online with online shoppers around the world. If you want to learn more about digital marketing, follow me on Twitter Follow […]

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£10k HubSpot or £0 WordPress – Which ranks better on Google?

  If you are involved in digital marketing or own a business that uses digital marketing to promote your products or services, you could have hardly failed to have become aware of HubSpot.   What is HubSpot? HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that aims to “help companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close […]

How not to Waste Time Using Social Media for your Business

  If you look at the social media feeds of most businesses you will see a series of posts that typically fall into one of the following categories:   1) Promotional posts (Please buy our new product!)     2) Company news (We just moved office!)     3) Content posts (Check out this funny cat video on […]

Could Google Become the Next Dominant Car Leasing Broker?

I have recently been working with several UK-based car leasing brokers. This is a highly-competitive industry in which 71% of prospective customers research their purchase on a search engine and over a million car leasing-related searches being performed on Google UK every month. Gaining organic search visibility on Google for terms such as “car leasing” and “car […]

How Can a Small Ecommerce Business Win at SEO?

Video Transcript: Hi Folks, just put a video together. This is called, “How can a small E-commerce business win at SEO?” And the reason I’ve put this together, I’ve been doing some work recently with some smaller e-commerce businesses. Some of them have been commercial clients and some of them have been young people that […]