Free GPT Sheets for Marketers

02/03/2022, SEO

Free GPT Sheets for Marketers

I recently released a collection of free Google Sheets & Scripts for marketers utilising OpenAI’s GPT machine learning language API. This post is a roundup of the sheets and links to download them. You can learn more about my AI Training and AI Consultancy services here.


AI Content Suggestions

This free Google Sheet & script suggests suggests new content topics based on articles that performed well for you in the past.

Sheet and Instructions here.



GPT ALT Tag Generator

This free script allows you to automatically generate image ALT tags in Google Sheets.

Sheet and Instructions here.



HARO Journo Response Generator

This free tool uses GPT to identify and respond to press requests from journalists looking for sources for a story.

Sheet and Instructions here.


Find Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

This script find quick-win content opportunities from ranking keywords that are a poor match to your content titles.   

Sheet and instructions here.


Convert English to Regex with GPT

This script takes a plain English description of a filter e.g. “Contains a link.” and converts the description into a valid Regex statement. e.g. “(https?://)?\w+(\.[\w-]+)+”.

Sheet and instructions here.


GPT Business Email Generator

Create GPT-powered business emails from a short message. Designed for people with literacy challenges or poor written communication skills.

Links & Instructions here.


Content ideas from audience hashtags 

This script takes the hashtags most frequently used by your target audience and generates content ideas from those hashtags relevant to your audience.

Sheet and instructions here.



Classify keyword context using GPT

This script takes a list of keywords and classifies them according to any rule you specify. e.g. “Legal or Non-legal”.

Sheet and instructions here.



Get answers to your SEO questions with MuellerBot

This script provides answers to any SEO question in the inimitable style of John Mueller, Search Advocate at Google.

Sheet and instructions here.



Convert English to Google Sheet formulas

This free Google Sheet script uses GPT AI to generate complex Google Sheet formulas based on any English description.

You simply describe the formula you need into a cell in plain English. The script then generates a valid Google Sheet formula based on your description.

Sheet and instructions here.



Get emotional goals and ad copy for any product or service.

Enter a product or service type into the sheet and receive the emotional goal driving that product/service purchase. Then generates copy for ads or landing pages utilising the product and goal specified.  

Sheet and instructions here.


Use PromptBot to create detailed, powerful GPT prompts.

PromptBot is a free AI tool that simplifies the process of creating detailed, powerful prompts for GPT-based bots & APIs.

Access PromptBot 


Generate a colour palette from any English description

Provide any plain English description e.g. “Indian wedding” and receive a colour palette inspired by your description.  

Sheet and instructions here.



Create a chart from any plain English description.

Describe a chart, get a chart. This one is more for fun and (perhaps) of less practical use. However, it could be easily adapted to some interesting use cases.   

Sheet and instructions here.



Classify the conversion potential of keywords

Classify a list of keywords by their conversion potential for your business.

Sheet and instructions here.



Free Tutorial – Create your own GPT apps in Google Sheets

A series of four free tutorial videos to guide you through the process of creating your own GPT-3 based apps step-by-step. You don’t need any previous coding knowledge to follow these tutorials and adapt my scripts to use with your own GPT-3 prompts. 



Business applications using DALLE-2

Some examples of using OpenAI’s Dalle-2 AI image generator for business applications.

Instructions here 


Please Note: I am unable to provide any support for  free scripts.  


That’s all for now!

Danny Richman