Small business owners launch Group Action Legal Claim against Yell

23/09/2020, SEO

Small business owners launch Group Action Legal Claim against Yell

A Group Action Legal claim has been launched today against Yell by thousands of small business customers in conjunction with Croft Solicitors.

The Group Action claim is seeking compensation and damages for contracts missold to small business customers by Yell’s sales agents.

The Yell Action Group (YAG) has been formed to represent the interests of all claimants involved in the Group Action.

YAG claims to possess written and recorded evidence showing Yell’s sales agents repeatedly made false claims to customers to sell advertising products. YAG further alleges that these practices were widespread and included in training materials supplied to the sales agent.

YAG alleges that several current and former Yell employees have provided written statements confirming misselling was common practice at Yell and was done with the full knowledge of their managers.

The Group Action will be led by Croft’s managing director, Rupert Croft, who was described by Legal 500 as “One of the top litigation solicitors in the UK”.

If you have been a customer of Yell within the past six years and wish to join the Group Claim, visit The Yell Action Group website to register your interest.

Daily Mail article published on 23/9/2020, “Small firms in legal threat over Yell hard-sell tactics: Digital directory accused of using false claims and high-pressure sales techniques”