How to get Local Backlinks with a List of Stinky Restaurants

Inspection-Restaurants-Rats-Droppings-CockroachesGetting links to your website from other quality sites can be one of the most challenging aspects of small business SEO. 

While adding a blog to your website is a great idea, many small business owners struggle to come up with great content ideas that don’t end up reading like promotional messages.

This video tutorial explains how to create great local content for your community with a list of the most and least hygienic restaurants and take-aways in your local area.  I also show you how and where to promote the content to get links to your site. The entire process takes less than 20 minutes and uses free data from the Food Standards Agency.

When I tested this idea on a Facebook group covering my local area it generated more comments, shares and interest than any previous post in that group. Watch the video tutorial or read the transcript below.


Watch Video Tutorial

You can watch the video or read the transcript below:


Video Transcript

Hi folks. I am going to do a little video tutorial today. As anyone that has been on one of my SEO workshops or courses will know, if you want to get your website ranking higher on Google for the search terms that your customers are using to find your products and services, one of the thing that affects your ranking the most on Google is the number and quality of links coming into your website from other sites.


So if you have lot of other websites linking to your site that gets your website ranking higher because Google looks at those links and thinks, “Well there’s a lot of people linking to that website. That must be a good website.”


So, how do you get links into your site? How do you get people to link to your site? Absolutely the best way getting links to your site is to have content on your website – usually in your blog – that people will really want to engage with, and share, with other people and talk about it and get some interest going.


You usually find the pages on your website that talk about your products and services – those kind of commercial pages – are not really the kind of pages that people generally really want to share or link to. They’re much more likely to share and link to pages that have good editorial type content. Things that are really engaging and interesting to people.


So I am going to show you a technique now. Something that is really easy to do and will work very well for a local business. Someone that is operating for a local community. Could be anything really: Dry Cleaners, Estate Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, Child Nurseries and all kinds of different local businesses. I am going to show you a little technique now that will help to get links into your website.


So you can see here, I have done a little example here of a blog post that I could have on my website. I haven’t actually published this on my website but you can see here. I have created a blog post, “Which of the Least Hygienic Restaurants in London N8”. This could be obviously be for any area, not necessarily in London. And it says here, “nobody wants to eat in unhygienic restaurant, find out which restaurants in N8 were rated were the most and least hygienic by the Food Standards Agency”.


And then, below that, I have this table here of all the restaurants and takeaways in the London N8 area -which is the area where I am based – rated from highest to lowest with their name and address in this little table here. You can just click on that and re-sort them, rearrange them however you want. Or you can rearrange them by alphabetical order, if you want to try to find one in particular. That is a really nice piece of content.


Example Table

Business NameRating ValueAddress Line 1Address Line 2Address Line 3Post Code
Blend5Cafe587 Green LanesHornseyN8 0RG
Chutney Palate5Shop87 Tottenham LaneHornseyN8 9BE
Coffee Cake528 Broadway ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 9DB
Costa Coffee5679 Green LanesHornseyLondonN8 0QY
Crouch End Best Kebabs5131 Tottenham LaneHornseyLondonN8 9BJ
Crouch End Pizza Ltd560 Crouch End HillHornseyLondonN8 8AG
Curry Club Indian Takeaway5127 Tottenham LaneHornseyLondonN8 9BJ
Dominos Pizza'5151 Tottenham LaneHornseyLondonN8 9BT
Durazzo Pizzeria Restaurant54 Queens ParadeGreen LanesHornseyN8 0RD
Elahee Tandoori Restaurant5218 Middle LaneHornseyLondonN8 7LA
Erlago Limited5Shop74 Turnpike LaneWood GreenN8 0PR
Fifty Five5Shop55 The BroadwayHornseyN8 8DT
Funky Brownz5Public House5 Tottenham LaneHornseyN8 9DT
Gail's Ltd548 The BroadwayHornseyLondonN8 9TP
George's Fish Bar545 Tottenham LaneHornseyLondonN8 9BD
Greenhill Cafe522 High StreetHornseyLondonN8 7PB
Grill 515Shop51 Turnpike LaneWood GreenN8 0EP
Harris & Hoole5Shop9 The BroadwayHornseyN8 8DU
Hornsey Y.M.C.A.5Ymca184 Tottenham LaneHornseyN8 8SG
Italica5Shop25 High StreetHornseyN8 7QB
Jade Palace520 Broadway ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 9DE
Jashan5Restaurant19 Turnpike LaneWood GreenN8 0EP
Khoai Cafe56 Topsfield ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 8PR
Korca Bar & Restaurant5651 Green LanesHornseyLondonN8 0QY
Les Associes Restaurant5Shop172 Park RoadHornseyN8 8JT
Melange Restaurants Ltd545 Topsfield ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 8PT
Monkey Nuts52 Park RoadHornseyLondonN8 8TD
Napoli Kebab and Pizza5Shop12 Turnpike LaneWood GreenN8 0PT
Olive Cafe Limited510 High StreetHornseyLondonN8 7PB
Pandan Leaf Thai Kitchen566-68 Crouch End HillHornseyLondonN8 8AG
Park Road Leisure Centre5Park Road Swimming PoolsPark RoadHornseyN8 7JN
Passion Cafe5549 Green LanesHornseyLondonN8 0RL
Pizza Go Go585 Tottenham LaneHornseyLondonN8 9BE
Plovdiv Cafe58 Wordsworth ParadeTottenhamLondonN8 0SJ
Pradera Tapas Bar514 High StreetHornseyLondonN8 7PB
Ridge Cafe597 Tottenham LaneHornseyLondonN8 9BG
Sandwich World515 High StreetHornseyLondonN8 7PS
Selale Restaurant51-2 Salibury PromenadeGreen LanesHornseyN8 0RX
St James Restaurant & Bar5Restaurant4 Topsfield ParadeTottenham LaneN8 8PR
Starbucks Coffee5Shop7 The BroadwayHornseyN8 8DU
Starcrust Bakery53 High StreetHornseyLondonN8 7PS
Subway517 Topsfield ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 8PT
Sylu2019s Cafu00e95Left Shop316 Park RoadHornseyN8 8LA
Ten Bar & Restaurant510 Priory RoadHornseyLondonN8 7RD
Teya's Juice Bar531 Topsfield ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 8PT
The Blue Legume5130 Crouch HillHornseyLondonN8 9DY
The Cabin Sandwich5278 Wightman RoadHornseyLondonN8 0LX
The Palace Cafe5157 Tottenham LaneHornseyLondonN8 9BT
The Pavilion5North Middlesex Cricket Lawn Tennis and Bowls ClubCrouch End Playing FieldsPark RoadN8 8JP
The Priory Fish Bar516 Priory RoadHornseyLondonN8 7RD
The Royal Palace Cafe5298 Park RoadHornseyLondonN8 8LA
The Seasoned Wok598 High StreetHornseyLondonN8 7NT
The Thali Thal5Shop111 Turnpike LaneWood GreenN8 0DU
The Tiffin Tin528 High StreetHornseyLondonN8 7NX
Tomo Pizzeria588 High StreetHornseyLondonN8 7NU
Troodos Taverna Restaurant5179 Priory RoadHornseyLondonN8 8NB
AMWAJ420 Turnpike LaneWood GreenLondonN8 0PS
Arthouse Crouch End4159 Tottenham LaneHornseyLondonN8 9BT
Banners Restaurant'421 Park RoadHornseyLondonN8 8TE
Basilico Ltd451 Park RoadHornseyLondonN8 8SY
Bistro Aix454 Topsfield ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 8PT
Charcoal King Ltd4Shop37 Tottenham LaneHornseyN8 9BD
Costa Coffee41 The BroadwayHornseyLondonN8 8DU
Cyprus Kitchen4628-630 Green LanesHornseyLondonN8 0SD
Dragon Chinese Restaurant4Restaurant8-10 Park RoadHornseyN8 8TD
Gen Dan Fushia4300C Park RoadHornseyLondonN8 8LA
Hot Pepper Jelly411 Broadway ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 9DE
Jai Shri Krishnan410 Turnpike LaneWood GreenLondonN8 0PT
Le Chamarel427 Turnpike LaneWood GreenLondonN8 0EP
Mem's Cafe428 Veryan CourtPark RoadHornseyN8 8JR
My Kind of Coffee413 Broadway ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 9DE
Nawroz Restaurant41 Queens ParadeGreen LanesHornseyN8 0RD
Phillers4Wilmott HouseHampden RoadHornseyN8 0HG
Pizza Hut Delivery434 Topsfield ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 8PT
Qui4Restaurant14 Middle LaneHornseyN8 8PL
Riverside Lounge41 New River AvenueHornseyLondonN8 7QD
Salim Spice415 Turnpike LaneWood GreenLondonN8 0EP
Terry's Kebab486 High StreetHornseyLondonN8 7NU
Thai Neung482 High StreetHornseyLondonN8 7NU
The Haberdashery422 Middle LaneHornseyLondonN8 8PL
The Lane Cafe4Shop55 Tottenham LaneHornseyN8 9BD
Wightman Road Cafe4294 Wightman RoadHornseyLondonN8 0LT
Zer Cafu00e9 Restaurant4Cafe59 The BroadwayHornseyN8 8DT
Belash353 Topsfield ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 8PT
Bengal Indian Cuisine3153 Tottenham LaneHornseyLondonN8 9BT
Chicken Max3645 Green LanesHornseyLondonN8 0QY
Dixy Chicken344 Topsfield ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 8PT
Istanbul Kebab House3Shop37 Tottenham LaneHornseyN8 9BD
Le Bistro336 High StreetHornseyLondonN8 7NX
Marina the Greek33 Queens ParadeGreen LanesHornseyN8 0RD
Meghna Restaurant355 Topsfield ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 8PT
New Capital Kebab32 Wellington TerraceTurnpike LaneWood GreenN8 0PX
Open Kitchen3Restaurant551 Green LanesHornseyN8 0RL
O's Thai Cafe310 Topsfield ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 8PR
Paradise Restaurant and Take Away315A Turnpike LaneWood GreenLondonN8 0EP
Penang Satay House3Shop9 Turnpike LaneWood GreenN8 0EP
Salim's Takeaway3125 Turnpike LaneWood GreenLondonN8 0DU
Sercem385 Crouch End HillHornseyLondonN8 8DD
Too Too Moo Crouch End3Restaurant12 Crouch End HillHornseyN8 8AA
Zam's Chicken363 Turnpike LaneWood GreenLondonN8 0EE
Pomodoro2Shop12 High StreetHornseyN8 7PB
Satay Malaysia210 Crouch End HillHornseyLondonN8 8AA
Spiazzo (London) Ltd226 The BroadwayHornseyLondonN8 9ST
Zam's Chicken & Pizza2120 Tottenham LaneHornseyLondonN8 7EL
Ari Cafeteria & Patisserie17 Salisbury PromenadeGreen LanesHornseyN8 0RX
B G Zakuska17 Wordsworth ParadeTottenhamLondonN8 0SJ
Bloomers Florist Cafe11 Campsbourne ParadeHornseyLondonN8 7PR
Coffee Circus1Shop136 Crouch HillHornseyN8 9DX
Double Apple1Shop39 Turnpike LaneWood GreenN8 0EP
Kansas Chicken & Ribs1102 High StreetHornseyLondonN8 7NT
La Bota Tapas131 Broadway ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 9DB
Mama's Peri Peri1Shop16 Turnpike LaneWood GreenN8 0PT
Ohba Leaf Japanese Kitchen150 Topsfield ParadeTottenham LaneHornseyN8 8PT
Shiso134 High StreetHornseyLondonN8 7NX
The Harringay Club1Boys Club50 Tottenham LaneHornseyN8 7EE
The Pepper Mill167 Tottenham LaneHornseyLondonN8 9BE
WOW Simply Japanese118 Crouch End HillHornseyLondonN8 8AA
Arocaria Restaurant048C The BroadwayHornseyLondonN8 9TP
Silk Maker0Shop99 Tottenham LaneHornseyN8 9BG


Once I put this blog post together, you will find that there is going to be lots of different websites and forums, Facebook groups and Twitter accounts that are focused on your local area and for the community. So it’s then a great opportunity to go and tell people about this blog post on your website which is almost certainly going to be of interest to local people.

So I am just going to show you how you get this on your website because it’s really so easy to do and it is just using information that is out there already in the public domain.


Step 1

OK, so step one this is the website, the address is, which is the website address for the Foods Standard agency. And this is the organization that goes around all these different food places and rates them for hygiene.

If you go to the homepage of their website and look down on the site here, they have got a section here where it says, “download data”, “reusable hygiene rating data”. So I am going to click on that and that takes you through to this page and it all looks very complicated. It starts talking about things like API’s and XML’s and all this kind of thing which is all very some geeky looking stuff but I’m just going to show you how it really isn’t as complicated or as technical as it looks.


If you scroll down the page here you will see is that what they have got is a number of different databases according to different areas around the country. So if you are in an area – say, for example Norwich or somewhere like that – they will have a database there and you can see in Norwich City, you can see 1373 different businesses there. I am just going to scroll down here. I am going to do this for London area. So here we are London and I am going to look for my local borough, which is Haringay were there is 1562.


And if I click on this little link next to where it says English language, I am going to click on that and what it does is that it opens up–you can see in the browser window here is opening up–something called an XML file. And this is where you might start to look at this and start to freaking out and thinking what is all this geeky code-looking stuff. But an XML file, we really don’t need to understand how this all structured. An XML file is just a particular type of file that is very good for storing data in a uniform way that lots of different applications can understand. So as I say, we don’t need to understand how this works.


All I’m going to do is I am going to go to where the URL is in the browser and I am going to copy that into the clipboard of my computer. So that’s now in the clipboard memory and that’s the URL for this particular database, which is all about the food places in Haringay.


 Step 2

Now we are going to move onto step 2, which is to take that data that we found on the Food Standard Agency website and we are going to bring that into Excel. So what I am going to do, I have opened up Excel here and then I am going to select from the main menu in Excel as if to open a file. This is just is if you are opening an Excel spreadsheet that is based on your computer. We are going through exactly the same procedure and then I am going to click open and then ask me where I want to open the file, I am just going to select computer as was it like my computer. And then I am going to select browse.


So this is where you would normally look around your computer and find the file name, the spreadsheet that you want to open. But what I am going to do here, I am not going to open the file on my computer. What I am going to do is I am just going to copy that URL I had in my clipboard. What I am going to do now is where ask me for the file name on my computer. Instead of putting a file from my computer, I am just going to paste in the URL of that XML file that I found online.


And what this will do – a lot of people don’t know you can do this with Excel – what this will do is it will actually as well as picking files from your computer, it will pick up a file that it finds on the internet if you give it the full URL for that file.


So I am now going to click open and you will see that the next thing comes up here is just ask me couple of prompts here where it asks me questions. So it looks like very technical stuff but I really wouldn’t pay this any attention. Just select the default option on here. You don’t need to understand what is asking you here. So it says please select how you want to open this file. I want to open as XML table, which is the already-selected option there. That is the default option. So I am just going to click OK and then it comes up OK. It then asks you another question here about specify XML source. Again don’t panic, don’t worry about all this technical language here. All we are going to do is click OK and accept the default option here. It is not going to cause any problems on your computer.


So you click OK and as if by magic, you will see that all of the data that was from the Food Standards Agency website has now been pulled in and magically appeared in Excel. I have got all the details here of all the different food places and I can scroll through this, look through all of this information.


Step 3

So this good because I can now play with this data, I can do whatever I want, I can save on my own computer and all this data that they are providing, this is all data that is in the public domain.


So the first thing that I am going to do. I’m going to get rid of – you can see a lot different columns here and there is a lot of columns within information that we just don’t need. Some of that I don’t even understand. Things like item count and local authority business ID is some kind of ID number that they have. Anyway, we certainly don’t need to have all of that information on our website. So I am just going to get rid of the columns that we don’t need any more.


All I actually really want to be left here is the name of the business, the type of business, because you can see this isn’t just restaurants, this is even includes things like schools and shops and pubs and all kind of different things here. I am going to leave that here, name of the business, type of business, don’t need this. And then I want the address. The address is split up into few columns, address 1, address 2, address 3 and postcode.


And then over, here we have got the Rating Value. And this is the score that the local authority gives as the hygiene rating they give to this establishment. So as overall score based on a lot of different factors from 1 to 5 based on how hygienic that place is. So that’s the rating value. And these other columns here, I don’t need them. There is a lot of other stuff. So is there anything else I need? No, there is nothing else I need. So I am just going to go to and get rid of all these things. So I am going to select all these columns here and I am going to delete those. It’s everything up to the business name. The business name I will keep, the business type I will keep, the business type ID, I don’t need that. So I am going to right click and then delete that. The address line 1, line 2, address 3 and post code, I am going to keep all of those. I am also going to keep the rating value. Everything else can go. So I am going to select all these other columns here, don’t need any of those, right click and delete.


So just to remind you, all I’m left with here is name of the business, the type of the business, the address, the postcode and the rating value. That’s all I want from this.


Step 4

So the next thing that I need to do is I just need to filter this. I have got a lots and lots rows here. This is a very big table with all types of different food establishments in the Haringay area and I need to filter this just to the ones that I am interested in. So the first thing I am going to do is to filter it, just to those in my postcode.


Into the postcode column I am going to do about is the N8 area in London and you can see how I’ve got lots of businesses here that are not on the N8 postcode. So to filter this, all I need is to drop down a little filter arrow at the top of the post code column and then where it says text filters, I go to “text filters” and “contains”. And then it says “show rows where post code contains” and then I put in “N8”. And you will see – as I click OK – that now the only businesses here will all have a N8 postcode.


That certainly makes this a much more manageable list. I want to get this down even more. I don’t want to include all these businesses like retailers and schools and all these kind of things. So I am going to drop down this filter box here on the type of business and you will see here is all the different categories that there are in this column. At the moment they are all selected. So I am going to click on this to de-select them and then I am just going to pick out the ones that I am interested in. The only ones I am interested in here that I want to be included are restaurants and cafes. I am going to click that one and I am also going to select take-aways and sandwich shops. I am going to click that one. Now if I click OK, you will see the only ones left are restaurants, cafes and sandwich shops. So now I have got a much more manageable list of just restaurants and takeaways in the N8 area, which is exactly what I want.


One other little thing I just want to do here. I have got here on the right hand side it shows the rating value, the score that this place has got. And I would much prefer it if this wasn’t the end on the far right hand side because I think that’s more important than the post code to people. So I am going to try and shift this over and bring this over to just after the name of the business. So I am just going to right-click this column here with the rating value in it, I am going to click on cut. So that’s now just selected that, move over here and then click on this column here and then right-click and insert cut cells. That’s just basically is just copying and pasting that’s all is just doing it is moving it from there to here. So I now I got the rating value comes after the business name.


Next thing I want to do, in my final table I don’t really need this to be displayed because they are all just restaurants and takeaways. So I don’t want to get rid of it. I don’t want to delete this column because I am using it as a filter. But I do want to do is right-click on this and then click on “hide” so that it is not visible. Now you can see this is looking much cleaner. All I have got here is name of the restaurant, the rating that it has and the address and postcode.


And the finally the last thing that I wanted to do is to tidy all this up is I am just going to select again the filter drop down arrow here. Sorry, one final thing that I need to do before I do this. You notice here in these columns, there is a little green sort of arrow at the top left corner and what that is, that is a feature on Excel where it shows you that there is some kind of problem with the cell, some sort of glitch with it. And in fact if you see here, I have got this yellow warning thing here which is giving me a warning and what it is actually saying, if I click on that it is telling me is that this is a “number stored as text”. This I noticed is a bit of glitch with the Food Standard Agency database that they have got this column which is rating value which is only value between zero and five. It really should be formatted as a number but it has instead been stored as text.


So I want to sort this out, I want to format this properly as a number because if I’ve got it correctly as a number it means that my website people will be able to sort these by lowest or highest and mess around with that as a number. So what I am going to do here is I am just going to select the first one, the top the first right here with the value four and then I am going to scroll down to the bottom and, while holding the shift key, I am going to click on the last one. So what that does is just selects all those values in that column. Here we go. And now I am going to click on that yellow warning thing and you will see there is an option here, “convert to number”. And if I click on that, what it does – see, it just whizzes through those and now it’s changed that from text value to numeric value, which is exactly what I wanted to do. So that now means that I can now finally click on this drop-down arrow here and you will see there is an option here, “sort largest to smallest” and I am going to click on that. And now what I have got is exactly the list I want, restaurant and takeaways, in the N8 area, sorted by the most hygienic to, down the bottom, the least hygienic. I have got a couple there with the zero value.


Great, so this is all good. The only thing that I still need to do to this, I just need to get a copy of this data, of this spreadsheet, without all the formatting, without all the filtering and all the kind of stuff that Excel throws into this. So I am just going to show you how we do this. I am just going to select the entire spreadsheet. So that all the rows are selected. I am going to copy that into my clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C. Now I am going to open up a new blank workbook, so it’s completely clean workbook and now I am going to paste it in but what I am going to do here is rather just kind of Ctrl+v or just go and paste it in, I am just going to right-click here and you will see that under the paste options, rather than just select the normal paste. If I just use the paste what is going to do is that it is going to paste this with all the formatting and filtering that was in the last one. I don’t want to have that so I am going to select the second option here which is “paste values only”. So what I have now got is a new workbook with just the plain data in here. You can see all the formatting, filtering it has got. So a nice clean file is the name of the business, is the rating value, the address and the postcode. So I am going to just save this down to my computer. So I am going to click on “save as” to my desktop and I am going to give that a name. Let’s call it something like N8. Done.


So I now have a spreadsheet with the exact data I need. I am now going to show you how I am going to put that up on my website. Now, my website is actually using something called WordPress. It’s built with WordPress. Those of you who are not using WordPress for your site, you need to find an alternative way of doing this, of getting a spreadsheet on to your website. But if you do use WordPress, there is a lot of people using WordPress out there, about 25 percent of all websites are built with WordPress and I think about 80 percent of all blogs are made with WordPress. So I am going to show you how to do this on WordPress because this will apply to most of you that are using this technique.


One of the things you know about WordPress is that it has got this wonderful thing where you will have all these different plug-ins that you can add-in which provide different functionality into your website. And a really good plug-in – if you ever going to have information with tables on it – is this plug-in here is called TablePress.

I am just going to go to the website, just to show you what you can get this from. So you can get this directly from the WordPress website from the plug-in directory and it’s simply called TablePress and it is completely free of charge.

So I am going to show you how to do this because it is so easy to do this. So all I do is once you install the TablePress plug-in into your WordPress which takes like two clicks to do that, you just go to TablePress here and all I am going to do here is select this option here to “import the table”. So I am going to click on import and it asks me to choose the file from my computer. So I am going to go and choose that file. I am going to find that on my computer here. That’s the one. N8 Done. All these other options here, I am just going to leave those as they are. It’s asking me whether to add a new table but just leave all these. Just make sure that the format that you are importing from is Microsoft Excel because that is what we have created the data in. Click on “import” and you will see upload that spreadsheet file and within seconds, you can see I have now got this table that is created with all that done, I mean how easy it is really?


There is a couple of options that I just want to select down the bottom here in TablePress. So there are few features here that I am just going to de-select. It gives option for things like allowing the visitors to search the table. You could leave that in and it is completely up to you. I just prefer not to have that in there for a small table like this. The other thing that it does as well is paginate the table. Which it means that it will show like first ten rows, then the next ten rows but as this is a quite small table, I just thing that it is going to be much more convenient to have this all on one page. So I am going to take that off, so it doesn’t have pagination. And I think everything else that I am going to – Yeah. So those are the only things I undertake is the search feature and pagination. And then I am going to click here, “save changes”. So really easy way to get that table into WordPress and what you now get is – you’ll see here – that TablePress gives me what is called the short code, which is just kind of like the ID number for this table. And all I am going to do now is to select that and copy that into my clipboard.


Step 5

So now we move on to the next step and I am going to create a new blog post in the WordPress. And I am going to give it a title like this “Which are the most and least hygienic restaurants in London N8”.  And then a little bit of text here, “Nobody wants to eat in an unhygienic restaurant. Find out which restaurants in N8 were rated the most and least hygienic by the Food Standard Agency”. So just got little bit text in here. Here you just put the short code. So this is what I did earlier, just when I was testing all of this. So I am going to put in – just paste in that short code that I got from the TablePress plug-in and identifies that table.


And now what I am going to do is just preview this. So I am just going to do a preview. And you will see this is the page that is created: “Which are the most least hygienic restaurants in N8. Nobody wants to eat in unhygienic restaurants”. I have a nice sharing bar there and here is the table. Look out how great that looks. All the different restaurants there rated from highest to lowest and TablePress even gives features here where the visitor that comes to this page can now re-order this. Click on here. So change it from highest to lowest, lowest to highest and we can even sort them by alphabetical. So if you’re looking for a particular restaurant, scroll down to the alphabetical order.



And that is a really great bit of blog content. That’s probably taken no more than about 15-20 minutes to put together. And of course now you’ve got this, if you go out and start looking on Facebook and on Twitter for all these different kind of local groups which there will be lots and lots of in your area, or in your London postcode if you are in London, just go and post this and say check out this blog post, “Which is the most and least hygienic restaurants in your area?”


This is something that will almost certainly get a lot of attention and interest from a different local community blogs and forums and social media groups. And all of those links coming into this blog post don’t only help this particular blog post to rank higher on Google. What happening is because all those links are coming into my domain name,, Google sees all those links coming into this domain name and it will get everything ranking higher on your website. So I hope that’s all clear. If any of that you find tricky to kind of stay on track with then obviously just kind of rewind back to the relevant bit in the video. And I have also put a transcript to this video down below so you can go through that if you prefer reading it and going step by step. Hope you find that useful. All right, bye for now.

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