Infographic: 7 Revealing Insights into how Consumers feel about Search

Need to persuade your boss or your clients why they should be investing in organic search? This infographic shows the results of a survey conducted with 1,000 online consumers in the UK and the US about their understanding and attitudes towards Google’s organic search results and advertising.         For me, there are three big takeaways from this study: […]

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Why you should Never Cap your Adwords Budget

    Most businesses using Google Adwords for their website will set a daily budget cap for their PPC campaigns. Intuitively, this seems to make sense. Setting a daily cap ensures that you don’t exceed your desired level of spending and helps to keep costs under control. In practise, however, setting a daily cap that prevents […]

How much do your Competitors' Make from their Google Ranking?

    Ever wondered how much your competitors are earning from the prominent ranking on Google?   Use this free tool to find out: [seotl]

SEO Training: What do the Public Understand about Search?

At the beginning of every SEO training course I conduct a quick straw poll to gauge how much people understand about search and how they feel about the factors that might be affecting their search results. In an effort to test these responses more scientifically,  I commissioned a survey in conjunction with CINT to ask a census-representative sample […]

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Do you work in Digital Marketing?

Use your Digital Marketing Skills to Make a Difference!   For the past 4 years I have been volunteering at the Trust helping young people start up their own business. An increasing number of those businesses now operate solely online or use a website as the primary way to sell their products and services. Without […]