The Great Social Delusion – Are small businesses wasting their time on Social Media?

Are SMEs spending too much time & money on Social Media? I recently conducted a survey of the digital marketing activity of 500+ small and medium-sized businesses in the UK. While there were many fascinating insights (to be posted at a later date) there was one particular set of data that stood out like a […]

The 2016 Non-Techie’s Complete Website Checklist

This is a comprehensive, non-technical website checklist for any business or organisation website covering the most important aspects of web design, visitor conversion, usability and SEO.  You can either expand each section individually or use the links below to expand the entire checklist on one page. Each item on the checklist includes a plain-English explanation with links to […]

How not to Waste Time Using Social Media for your Business

  If you look at the social media feeds of most businesses you will see a series of posts that typically fall into one of the following categories:   1) Promotional posts (Please buy our new product!)     2) Company news (We just moved office!)     3) Content posts (Check out this funny cat video on […]

Do you work in Digital Marketing?

Use your Digital Marketing Skills to Make a Difference!   For the past 4 years I have been volunteering at the Trust helping young people start up their own business. An increasing number of those businesses now operate solely online or use a website as the primary way to sell their products and services. Without […]

How I Increased my Twitter Followers 550% in 7 weeks with Promoted Tweets

I have recently been experimenting using promoted tweets to test whether they could be an effective marketing tool to recommend to my clients. This post explains how, in the space of just 7 weeks, using promoted tweets I increased my Twitter followers by 550%, improved my website’s ranking on Google and gained several new clients. […]