Business Website Checklist Help Page

The information shown on this page provides guidance for users of my Free Business Website Checklist Tool.

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Section: Social Media

Social Media can be a great tool to show visitors that your business is trustworthy, reputable and offers great customer service. It can also be used to drive visitors to engaging blog content they can share with their friends, family and colleagues.


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Have you created a profile page on all relevant social networks?

Why it matters

Online visitors will expect to see that your business has a presence on all relevant social networks. This will help them to establish your trust and reputation.

How do I check this? Check that a profile page has been created on every relevant social network and is available in your business name.

Video Tutorial:

Does your site include links to your social media profiles on every page?

Why it matters

If you make it easy for visitors to find your social media profiles they are more likely to visit them

How do I check this? Check that every landing page on your site includes a prominent link to your social profile pages to make it easy for visitors to check your online reputation.

Video Tutorial:

Do your posts on social media link back to engaging content on your site?

Why it matters

Social media is best used to drive traffic back to your website. Try to avoid posting only promotional content on your social media pages.

How do I check this?

Check that your social profiles include links back to engaging and shareable content on your site.

Video Tutorial: