Which British Newspapers are Dominating Google?

In an age when many newspaper publishers struggle to stay afloat by selling advertising in their printed titles; they become increasingly reliant on traffic from Google to deliver online visitors who will then click on the advertisements on their website.

So, which titles are dominating the battle to win traffic from Google? I look here at all of the main British newspaper titles, compare their search traffic and which key search terms are delivering that traffic to their site.

paper chart




The number of monthly search visitors the websites receive from Google UK:

monthly vis




The change in the number of monthly visitors since Sep 2012:

vis change




The number of search keywords for which the website appears in the top 10 on Google UK:

kw in top 10




The change in the number of top 10 search keywords since Sep 2012:

kw change




The number of external sites linking to the newspaper’s website:

linking sites




The change in the number of external linking sites since Sep 2012:

link change




  • The drop in traffic and rankings to the Guardian website is likely due to their change of domain name. This effect is likely to be temporary
  • The Daily Mail and The Telegraph currently dominate Google in terms of search traffic received
  • The Express has seen the most significant change to the amount of search traffic their sites received since 2012
  • The Sun has seen a significant drop in the amount of search traffic their site has received since 2012
  • The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Mail rank for the most top 10 keywords on Google.
  • The Express has seen the most significant change to the number of top 10 ranking keywords.
  • The Guardian has the highest volume of external links from other sites. Links from other sites are the single-most important external factor that determines the ranking of a website on Google.
  • The Guardian has also seen the biggest change in the number of links their website attracts form other sites since 2012.

All figures based on estimated volumes from Aug 2012 to Aug 2013. Richman SEO Training accepts no responsibility for any data inaccuracies. All information shown is copyright Richman SEO Training 2013 and may not be reproduced without permission.