Google Adwords Training in London

You will learn the skills you need to conquer Google Adwords

1. Learn the pros and cons of using Adwords for your business

Learning about Adwords from Google or a Google Partner may not be the best option for your business. Google are incentivised to make you spend more money. Google Partners often use training as a back-door to managing your Adwords account.

My only objective is to show you how to get the best from Adwords whilst spending the least amount of money. I do not offer any Adwords management services.

2. Create a live Adwords campaign during the session with expert guidance

During this private, hands-on session you will create a live Adwords account for your business with expert guidance. I have 20+ years’ experience of profitable SEO and Pay per Click advertising.

3. Learn how to rank higher on Google while paying less than your competitors

Google use a scoring system to decide which ads show in the highest positions. I show you how to improve your score and get your ads ranking higher than your competitors while paying less money per click.We analyse your top-ranking competitors and learn from their successful SEO strategy.

4. Learn how to pick the most-profitable keywords for your business

15% of all searches performed on Google have never been searched before. The most popular keywords are often prohibitively expensive for advertisers. I show you how to discover the most profitable search terms for your business.

5. Learn how to design compelling ads that your customers want to click on

If your ads don’t stand out from other search results, fewer people will click on your ads and Google will show them lower down the page. I show you how to create compelling ad copy that qualified leads will want to click on.

6. Learn about the secret Google features that save you money

There are many important Adwords features that Google hide on their website. I show you how to enable these features so that you save money and make your campaign more profitable.

7. Learn how to measure your Adwords campaigns and budget effectively

If you run a Google Adwords campaign without knowing the effect it’s having on your bottom line, you will soon run out of money. I show you how to track and measure your results to ensure your campaign is always profitable.

8. Understand how to set your Adwords budget and keyword bids to maximise profits

Adwords works as an auction with several advertisers bidding on the same search terms. I show you how effective bidding and budgeting is crucial to the success of your campaign.

9. Learn how to target past visitors to your site who didn’t buy

Visitors who previously visited your site, looked at key pages but then didn’t buy can be great prospects to target on Adwords. I show you how to bring these qualified visitors back to your site.

10. Learn how to tweak and monitor your Adwords campaign to maximise performance

An Adwords campaign must be regularly monitored and adjusted to grow your sales and reduce costs.

11. Receive a full appraisal of your website

Get a detailed analysis of your website with easy-to-follow recommendations to boost your Adwords conversions.

12. Get $75 worth of Google advertising for free

If you have never previously advertised with Google, I show you how to gain $75 worth of free Google advertising when you spend $25.

13. Receive an Adwords Training Certificate

Receive a training certificate to confirm your completion of the course.

Course Details

This is a 4-5 hour private course including a full appraisal of your website. The course is held on a time and date to suit you at my training room near Liverpool St. and Moorgate Stations in Central London. I can also travel to your office for an additional cost.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the course is £695 + VAT for the first attendee. Each additional attendee is charged at £95.