GPT-3 ALT Tag Generator

12/01/2023, GPT-3

GPT-3 ALT Tag Generator

This free script allows you to automatically generate image ALT tags in Google Sheets.

ALT tags help search engines like Google understand the content of your images and improve the visibility of your images in the search results.


Watch this video for a short (1 min) demo:


1) Open an account with You will receive $18 worth of free tokens as a first-time user.

2) Register an account with  You will receive 100 requests free per day.

3) If you want your ALT tags to include information about the colours found in your images, you will also need to register an account with and subscribe to the Regim API.

Note: While you do receive 500 requests per month on RapidAPI’s free plan the number of consecutive API requests you can make is highly limited. You may wish to use the free plan for testing only and then sign up for a ‘Pro’ account ($10 pm) for extended use.  

What does it cost?

Once you have used up your free credits, I estimate the API costs at approximately $0.02 per ALT tag generated. Therefore, a sheet of 1,000 images will cost approximately £20 to process.   


How can I use it?

1) Download a copy of my free Google Sheet and script.

You will see two tabs named, ‘ALT Tags’ and ‘Settings’.

2) Enter your API Keys in the relevant cells in the “Settings” sheet as instructed.

3) Specify whether you want the script to process colours as instructed.  

4) Paste your image URLs into column A of the ‘ALT Tags’ sheet.

5) (Optional) Add any words you wish to be included in the ALT (e.g. brand name) into column B of the ‘ALT tags’ sheet.


Do take a look at the code behind this function by clicking Extensions > Apps Script from the main menu and feel free to adapt it to different use cases.

Although I can’t offer individual support for this free script, please let me know if you run into any bugs or have thoughts on how the script could be adapted.

Check out this list of other GPT-3 scripts I have released and feel free to follow me on Twitter to hear about new releases.