GPT-3 + HARO Journo Response Generator

20/12/2022, GPT-3

GPT-3 + HARO Journo Response Generator

This free tool uses GPT-3 to identify and respond to press requests from journalists looking for sources for a story. A pitch email is automatically generated and then sent to you for final approval before forwarding on to the journalist.

Watch this (3-minute) video for a demo:

The problem

If you use HARO to identify press opportunities, you will know that trying to identify journo requests applicable to your skills and experience can be an arduous and time-consuming process. 

This tool uses GPT-3 in conjunction with Zapier to scan HARO emails and identify requests precisely matching your skills and experience.  Once a match is identified, you receive an email with a draft pitch to send to the journalist outlining why you would make the perfect source for the story.  

Example pitch:

Dear Sascha,

I am writing in response to your press request regarding AI potentially replacing human authors. My name is Danny Richman and I am an AI and Machine Learning Consultant based in London, UK.

I have a wealth of experience in AI, Machine Learning, Generative AI, LLMs, Transformers, and Neural Networks.

Regarding your query, I believe that AI could eventually replace human authors. AI has already been used to create novels, and with the advancement of AI technology, it is likely that it will become increasingly capable of writing complex, creative works. Currently, AI is not yet as proficient as human authors in terms of creativity, but it is certainly improving.

I am confident that I could contribute to this press request successfully by providing an in-depth analysis of the topic and offering my expert opinion. I am also happy to provide further information and answer any additional questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Danny Richman


1) Open an account at (Starter Plan or higher required) 

2) Open a free OpenAI API account at

3) Register a free account at



One you have registered accounts with the services listed above, then follow these steps:

Step 1)  Make a copy of this Google Sheet “HARO Request Settings

Configure the following cell values:

  • Organisation Type (A2) – Enter the type of organisation you represent or your profession as an individual.
  • Areas of expertise (B2) – Enter your areas of expertise separated by commas.
  • Location (C2) – Enter your location City & Country 
  • Active (D2) – Leave this value set to “Yes”. It is used as Lookup field by Zapier.
  • Source Name (E2) – Enter your name as the source for the press story.
  • Spelling (F2) – Specify the type of spelling and grammar you wish to use for the email pitch. 



Step 2) Configure a new mailbox at and select the HARO template for your mailbox.



Step 3) Copy this Zap template to your own Zapier account

Connect the Zap to your own accounts with Google, Parisio & OpenAI.

Download this PDF with screenshots of all Zapier settings.



Step 4) Forward a copy of your HARO emails to your new Parsio mailbox.



These are the likely costs you will incur using this automation:

  • Zapier Starter Plan (up to 750 tasks per month) – USD $19.99 pm
  • OpenAI tokens – Approximately £0.50p per email generated.
  • – Free for up to 30 parsed emails pm. $41 pm for up to 1,000 parsed emails pm.  


Please Note:

I’m afraid I am unable to offer any (free or paid)  support. However, please reach out to me on Twitter @DannyRichman  with any feedback.

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