PowerPoint not playing video on second monitor or projector?

After a recent Windows/Office update my laptop stopped displaying embedded videos when connected to a screen or projector via the HDMI port. It has taken me several frustrating days to find a solution.

So, despite the fact that this post has nothing to do with SEO or Digital Marketing, I just wanted to save you the same grief if you found this page via a Google search.

The Solution

The problem is likely caused by MS Office changing your default PowerPoint settings after an update. Follow these steps to get the videos playing again on your presentations:

Step 1: In PowerPoint, click on the File menu and then “Options”

Step 2: On the Options menu, select “Advanced” (see image below)


Step 3: On the Advanced Options screen, scroll down until you see “Display” settings

Step 4: In the Display settings section tick the box labelled “Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration” (see image below)


Step 5: Click OK to confirm

Step 6: Test your video on a second monitor or projector and all should be working fine.

This is a common issue affecting many people. If you know someone using PowerPoint  on a regular basis please put them out of their misery by sharing this post.

Happy Presenting!