Meet Danny Richman, your award-winning trainer

If SEO feels like a competitive slog, I want to help.

For 20 years, I've been on a mission to prove that anyone can learn (and enjoy!) SEO when it's made relevant and explained in plain English.

  • Award-winning mentor for The Prince's Trust
  • Approved consultant to the Dept. of International Trade
  • Guest lecturer at Goldsmiths University
  • International Conference Speaker
  • LSE Graduate in Behavioural Economics
  • 1,000+ workshops delivered—and no two ever the same

What do clients say about my training?

(Because it wouldn’t be British to blow my own trumpet)

Phewf – that was uncomfortable.

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Proud to work with clients of all sizes… (and a few you may know)

Department for International Trade
John Lewis
Federation of Master Builders
Bank of England

What if “no-nonsense” didn’t mean “no fun”?

No matter how frustrating it is seeing your less-deserving competitors outrank you…

Or infuriating it is to pay an agency for little or no results…

Nothing is as painful as learning SEO from questionable blog posts, dull courses, or expensive events where you’re lucky to get one relevant tip.

And as SEO evolves, finding accurate advice can be a slog of its own!

Hi—I’m Danny Richman, and I genuinely love solving that problem.

For over 20 years (when computers were the size of small cars), I’ve helped clients ranging from one-person businesses to global brands get great results doing SEO on their own.

And where most trainers deliver generic material with the enthusiasm of a wet towel, I customise the entire experience so that everything is relevant, concise, and clear.

I’m excited to show you why successful SEO isn’t just about improving rankings—it’s a process that helps you understand your customers, and what drives them to make a purchase so you can communicate in a way that connects.

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Why do I teach?

Enterprise Nation
Prince's Trust

And why do I care?

There’s a fire in the heart of every entrepreneur that I want to see grow and succeed.

It’s why I teach SEO, and it’s why I’ve volunteered as a business mentor to the Prince’s Trust since 2010.

Advising young people on the planning, launching and marketing of their own online business is a passion of mine that has helped me develop into a stronger teacher.

Every year, over 500 small businesses attend my volunteer monthly workshops and one-to-one meetings at the Prince’s Trust.

Over 600 Prince’s Trust-supported businesses have come together to form a community of support inside an online forum that I founded and moderate.

I’ve received The Prince’s Trust’s Specialist Mentor Award from HM King Charles III and honoured by Search Engine Roundtable, the industry’s leading professional organisation.

But at the end of it all, the real reward has been seeing the difference these efforts have made in the people I’ve reached and the communities served by their businesses.


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