Business Psychology – How does Confidence Impact Ability?

While recently watching an episode of, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” I was fascinated by how often contestants lost large sums of money by incorrectly answering questions while they still had several “Life Lines” available. Why did they take unnecessary risks when they clearly didn’t know the right answer?   I also observed how […]

GDPR for SMEs in Plain English

  Video Notes What is GDPR? A new set of EU regulations taking effect on 25th GDPR will also apply to UK organisations and any organisations holding data on EU/UK citizens It governs how private data can be collected, stored and used What is private data? Anything that could identify an individual person – name, […]

How to use Emotional Goal Optimisation (EGO) to Increase Rankings, Clicks & Conversions

    This post explains how to apply Emotional Goal Optimisation (EGO) to your website. A process that doubled the traffic to my client’s site and increased her online conversions by 700% (see image above). This was achieved at zero cost by making just a few simple changes to her website. As a result, her […]

How To Respond To Google My Business Reviews

How To Respond To Google My Business Reviews In today’s online world, customer reviews are a top priority. Through the widespread use of social media, as well as through platforms explicitly dedicated to commercial reviews from customers, many people are now empowered to post their opinions, impressions, and experiences with their business transactions.   The […]

How to improve your Adwords Quality Score – More clicks for less cash

  The Quality Score of your Adwords campaign is often the most important factor that will determine whether your search campaign is profitable or runs at a loss. This article explains, in simple terms, how Google calculates your Quality Score, what impact it has on your campaigns and how to increase the Quality Score of […]

Red Academy London Ad

RED Academy London Review –Legal, decent, honest and truthful?

  I was recently approached by a client asking whether I could provide digital marketing training for her son who was hoping to start a career in the industry. As I only provide training for businesses and organisations, I was, unfortunately, not able to assist.   A few days later, the client contacted me again […]

The Great Social Delusion – Are small businesses wasting their time on Social Media?

Are SMEs spending too much time & money on Social Media? I recently conducted a survey of the digital marketing activity of 500+ small and medium-sized businesses in the UK. While there were many fascinating insights (to be posted at a later date) there was one particular set of data that stood out like a […]

Which is the Best E-commerce Platform for SEO?

When choosing a Shopping Cart platform for your E-commerce business you might assume that most cart systems will be equally capable when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In fact, many of the features needed to help Google understand your website are often only available by paying additional charges or, in some cases, not at all. […]

How hard is to learn SEO?

SEO is a practise that can take less than a day to learn but a lifetime to master. Although ranking at the top of Google’s search results for highly-competitive keywords will always be challenging, there are still many opportunities for smaller businesses and blogs to gain strong visibility on Google. By understanding some of the […]

How to use Google Search Console and Analytics Edge to boost your Google ranking Free

  Video Transcript I have put this video together just to show you how you can use Google Search Console together with another free piece of software called Analytics Edge, I will show you how you can use the information that these tools provide to improve your ranking on Google and get more traffic through […]