Terms and Conditions

By booking services with Richman SEO Training you agree to be bound by the following Terms & Conditions:

Training Sessions

The training session does not involve the trainer amending any content on your website or showing you how to operate your website. Any modifications made to your website as a result of the training will be for you or your web developer to execute outside of the training session.

Trainee Conduct

The trainer will provide training to you within the scheduled time and with suitable breaks. Trainees are expected not to use mobile phones, deal with clients or staff during the training except in an emergency. If such distractions are unavoidable, the trainer may terminate the session. No audio or video recording devices or cameras are permitted during the training with prior permission.

Training Location

Unless otherwise agreed, the training will take place at our scheduled meeting room in London. Full location details will be provided upon confirmation of booking. Training at your own location can be arranged at additional cost.


Payment is accepted by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal (5% surcharge). We do not provide credit terms. Cleared payment must be received before the training session starts. In the event of non-payment, the training session will be cancelled and the full payment will remain payable. Any failed or late payments will incur interest at 8% above bank base rate.

PACT Scheme

If a debtor fails to make payment due to the creditor under contract by the due date, then the creditor reserves the right to register the defaulting party’s payment performance information with the credit referencing agencies. The creditor may also share details of the debtor’s company (and the outstanding debt) on www.defaulter.com. This information will be available in the public domain, and could be seen by potential customers and suppliers. This clause shall not apply to payments that the defaulting party has disputed in good faith.

On-site training

If training is arranged on your own premises, you will be required to provide the following: –

  • A quiet, comfortable area without distractions and suitable seating for the trainer and all attendees.
  • A stable wired or wireless, unrestricted Internet connection to which the trainer is able to connect their own laptop.
  • A projector or screen able to connect to the trainer’s own laptop computer.
  • A suitable mains power supply for the trainer’s laptop computer.
Cancellation and Postponement Policy

All bookings are binding from the point of email confirmation. In the event of Client cancellation or postponement sooner than 10 working days before the booked session 50% of the total fee will be payable. In the event of Client cancellation or any reduction in the number of delegates or any postponement later than 10 working days prior to the training session the full fee will become immediately payable.

All engagements are conditional upon the trainer’s ability to fulfil them. In case of detention by sickness, accident, or any legitimate or unavoidable cause, it is understood that, there shall be no claim for damages by the Client. In the event of force majeure, the inserted clause (below) will apply and Client will not be entitled to any form of compensation.


In the event of the attendee or attendees arriving later than the scheduled start time of the session or not ready to begin the session at the agreed start time, the session may be curtailed and training content edited to ensure that the session ends at the designated time.

In the event of one or more attendees arriving more than 20 minutes later than the scheduled start time, the session will be treated as cancelled and no refund will be due.

Course Material & Handouts

All course handouts and material whether supplied in a printed or digital format will remain the copyright property of the trainer. Attendees may use the material for internal purposes only but are not permitted to reproduce the material without the prior written agreement of the trainer.

Online Course Materials

By accessing our online course materials you agree not to share your login details or reproduce any of the course content other than for your own personal use. You are permitted to access the materials only from a computer that belongs to you.

If any attempt is made to login with your details from an IP address that does not belong to you, your access will be automatically revoked and all further support denied. You may also be held legally liable for any material losses suffered as a result of sharing your login details with a third-party.

Event of Force Majeure

Act of God including but not limited to fire flood earthquake windstorm or other natural disaster; act of any sovereign including but not limited to war invasion act of foreign enemies hostilities whether war be declared or not civil war rebellion revolution insurrection military or usurped power or confiscation nationalisation, requisition destruction or damage to property by or under the order of government or public or local authority or imposition of government sanction embargo or similar action law judgment order decree embargo blockade or labour dispute including but not limited to strike lock out or boycott; interruption or failure of utility service including but not limited to electric power gas water or telephone service; failure of the transportation of any personnel equipment machinery supply or material required by the company; any other matter or cause beyond the control of the company.


If you submit a testimonial to us either verbally or in writing, then you agree that we may publish your testimonial, together with your name and company logo on our website and on any successor website that we may operate, on such page and in such position as we may determine in our sole discretion.

You further agree that we may edit the testimonial and publish edited or partial versions of the testimonial. However, we will never edit a testimonial in such a way as to create a misleading impression of your views.