Services designed to boost business

It’s more than just SEO

Digital marketing mentoring

Do you want the control and affordability of managing your digital marketing in-house, but need some expert support and guidance? – then this mentoring service is designed for you.

I help you develop a successful digital marketing strategy, produce a monthly report to track your progress and provide ongoing support and mentoring to keep you and your team on track.

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Online training courses

Online materials on the same topics as my live training sessions provided free of charge to existing clients.

These online modules will ensure that you remember all of the information and processes we covered in the session.

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SEO audit and website appraisals

Is your website suffering from technical issues that may be preventing Google from being able to crawl, index and rank your site?

I offer a technical SEO audit that will identify those issues and provide a list of recommendations to help you fix them.

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SEO conference speaker

Are you planning an event for attendees who wish to learn about the latest methods for driving traffic to their website?

Danny Richman is available to speak at conferences on topics covering SEO, Digital Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

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AI Consultancy & Prompt Engineering

As an AI consultant and prompt engineer, I help organisations apply AI and Machine Learning to solve real world problems.

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