Danny Richman

Freelance AI consultant & Prompt Engineer based in London, UK.

As an AI consultant and prompt engineer, I help organisations apply low-cost AI and Machine Learning solutions to solve real world problems.

From AI data classification that can save thousands of hours per year to AI-based apps, AI consulting and AI training, I provide a variety of services to help organisations understand and implement AI technologies.

Services include:

AI/ML Data Classification

Do you have manual processes that take up too much time and resources? I can build scripts and models capable of processing, transforming, or classifying data that would otherwise require human experts. See this example of how I saved a criminal law firm over 6,000 hours per year.


AI/ML-based Apps

I specialize in helping you create AI-based apps. See this example of an app I created for people with dyslexia in collaboration with OpenAI.

Download my free AI apps & Scripts for Marketers


AI/ML Consulting

I offer professional consultancy services to help you understand how AI can benefit your organisation. I will evaluate your current manual processes and propose AI solutions that will save you time, money, and resources.


AI/ML Training

I provide training to your in-house teams on how to devise, plan and implement AI technology within your organisation.


AI/ML Software

I am knowledgeable in low-cost software and platforms that will allow your organisation to implement AI solutions in the most cost-effective way possible.


Please get in touch to discuss how AI solutions could benefit your organisation. I’m here to help you realise the full potential of AI.