PromptBot is a free AI tool that simplifies the process of creating detailed, powerful prompts for GPT-based bots & APIs.


  • What does PromptBot do?
    PromptBot helps you create better prompts to produce significantly better GPT results. It generates suggestions and questions to help you refine and improve your prompts. PromptBot will iteratively revise your prompt based on your feedback.

  • How do I use PromptBot?
    Enter a basic starting prompt. PromptBot will then make suggestions to revise/improve your prompt and ask questions to help you consider your prompt in more detail.
    You can then ask PromptBot to add the suggestions by describing those you want to incorporate in the revised prompt. Alternatively, type, “Add all suggestions” if you like them all. Once satisfied with the revised prompt, copy and paste it into the “Test your Prompt” tab.

  • Is PromptBot really free?
    The cost of OpenAI credits has been provided by Zapier. There is no registration, login or API key required to use this service. Your prompts are not stored by me.

  • Will PromptBot always be free?
    At some point, Zapier might decide to start charging for the use of OpenAI tokens. If so, this service may be withdrawn or replaced. 

  • Is there a paid version of PromptBot available or planned?
    I have no plans to create a paid version of this tool. 

  • How can I get help using this tool?
    Unfortunately, I am unable to offer individual support for free tools. 

PromptBot was created by @DannyRichman and powered by @Zapier.

Hat tip to @rowancheung and @BrianRoemmele for inspiring this tool.

Let me know how you get on.