AI LinkedIn Profile Finder

20/07/2023, GPT-3

AI LinkedIn Profile Finder

This free Google Sheet and script finds the LinkedIn profile URL for a supplied list of contact and company names. 

Watch this video for a demo:


1) Get an API Key from You will receive $18 worth of free tokens as a first-time user.

2) Get an API Key for the Bing Web Search API (free plan). 

2) Make a copy of this Google Sheet to your own Google account.

What does it cost?

Once you have used up your free API credits, I estimate the OpenAI API costs to be approximately $0.03 per 100 rows of data.

Bing Web Search API
The free tier includes a maximum of 1,000 API requests (rows) per month. The pricing for more extensive use is available here.   


How can I use it?

  • Enter your Bing Search API Key in cell A2 of the ‘Settings’ sheet of the Google Sheets workbook.
  • Enter your OpenAI API Key in cell B2 of the ‘Settings’ sheet of the Google Sheets workbook.
  • Paste or enter a list of contact names and company names into columns A and B of the ‘Data’ sheet of the Google Sheet workbook.
  • Select LinkedIn > Get Profiles from the main menu. 
  • Give permission for the script to be executed. (None of your data is shared with me.)
  • Select LinkedIn > Get Profiles again to run the script. Column C should become populated with the LinkedIn profile URLs.


How does it work?

The script loops through all rows in the ‘Data’ sheet where a name and company name exists. A search is performed on Bing as follows “ ‘[Name]’ ‘[Company Name]'”.

The top ten search results are then passed to GPT3.5 with an instruction to determine which of the URLs is most likely to be the correct LinkedIn profile for the name provided.     

Do take a look at the code behind this function by clicking Extensions > Apps Script from the main menu and feel free to adapt it to different use cases. All of the code was generated by GPT4.

Although I can’t offer individual support for this free script, please let me know if you run into any bugs or have thoughts on how the script could be adapted.

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