Get Answers to your SEO Questions with MuellerBot

19/04/2022, GPT-3

Get Answers to your SEO Questions with MuellerBot

The inimitable, John Mueller is Google’s Search Advocate and the host of Google’s SEO Office Hours webinar. 

This script was originally intended as a light-hearted joke, until it became apparent the responses it gave were, in most cases, surprisingly accurate and helpful. 

MuellerBot is a GPT-3 powered script designed to answer your trickiest SEO questions in the distinctive style of the great man himself. 

Please confirm the accuracy of information provided by this tool before acting on any advice. This script has not been endorsed by either John Mueller or Google. 

Where is this data coming from?

It’s important to understand that GPT-3 is not simply querying a database or using Google’s search index.  

GPT-3 was trained with data from CommonCrawl, WebText, Wikipedia, and a large corpus of books. It extracts data from multiple sources instantly and combine them to assemble your request. You can learn more about my AI Training and AI Consultancy services here.

How can I use it?

1) The first step is to register a free account at

Upon registration, you will be given $18 worth of free API credits.

Once registered, grab a copy of your secret API key and save it on your device.


2) Download a copy of my free Google Sheet and MuellerBot script.

3) Enter your API Key from Step 1 in Cell A2 of the “Settings” sheet.

4) Type your SEO question into Cell A2 of the “MuellerBot” sheet. For example, “What’s the best way to avoid losing organic traffic during a site migration?”

5) After a short delay, you should see the answer appear in cell B2 together with an image of the great man himself.

Do take a look at the script behind this function by selecting Extensions > Apps Script from the main menu and feel free to adapt it for different use cases. 

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Danny Richman