How to get Local Backlinks with a List of Stinky Restaurants

Getting links to your website from other quality sites can be one of the most challenging aspects of small business SEO.  While adding a blog to your website is a great idea, many small business owners struggle to come up with great content ideas that don’t end up reading like promotional messages. This video tutorial explains how […]

How I Increased my Twitter Followers 550% in 7 weeks with Promoted Tweets

I have recently been experimenting using promoted tweets to test whether they could be an effective marketing tool to recommend to my clients. This post explains how, in the space of just 7 weeks, using promoted tweets I increased my Twitter followers by 550%, improved my website’s ranking on Google and gained several new clients. […]

Which British Newspapers are Dominating Google?

In an age when many newspaper publishers struggle to stay afloat by selling advertising in their printed titles; they become increasingly reliant on traffic from Google to deliver online visitors who will then click on the advertisements on their website. So, which titles are dominating the battle to win traffic from Google? I look here […]

The 7 Classic Archetypes of SEO

The archetypes listed here derive from Joseph Campbell’s, ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces.’ Deeply rooted in the myths and legends of many cultures, I hereby present ‘The 7 Classic Archetypes of SEO’.   Rand Fishkin – The Hero Occupation: CEO of Moz (formerly, SEOmoz) “The essence of the Hero is not bravery or nobility, but self-sacrifice. […]