£10k HubSpot or £0 WordPress – Which ranks better on Google?

  If you are involved in digital marketing or own a business that uses digital marketing to promote your products or services, you could have hardly failed to have become aware of HubSpot.   What is HubSpot? HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that aims to “help companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close […]

How not to Waste Time Using Social Media for your Business

  If you look at the social media feeds of most businesses you will see a series of posts that typically fall into one of the following categories:   1) Promotional posts (Please buy our new product!)     2) Company news (We just moved office!)     3) Content posts (Check out this funny cat video on […]

How a Cheating Bride got my Band’s Website to No.1 on Google

    Music was never something I planned to do for a living. Playing in bands was always just a hobby that I did for a bit of fun.   About six years ago, I put a band together with a bunch of friends to play Soul, Motown and RnB. Music that people would enjoy dancing […]

How to get Local Backlinks with a List of Stinky Restaurants

Getting links to your website from other quality sites can be one of the most challenging aspects of small business SEO.  While adding a blog to your website is a great idea, many small business owners struggle to come up with great content ideas that don’t end up reading like promotional messages. This video tutorial explains how […]

How can I Find Out Who’s Been Visiting my Website?

Video Transcription:   What is Leadfeeder? Hi folks. I just wanted to do a little video today just to show you this very neat little tool. It’s called Leadfeeder and it’s available at Leadfeeder.com. I work with lots of different companies that use tools like Google Analytics to track their visitors to get an idea […]

How Estate Agents can Increase Vendor Enquiries

I have recently been working with several UK-based Estate Agents. It is interesting to hear how their businesses have had to adapt to the growth of websites such as Zoopla and RightMove. Where they may have previously put considerable effort into advertising their properties, most buyer enquiries are now referred via one of the afore-mentioned property […]

Do you work in Digital Marketing?

Use your Digital Marketing Skills to Make a Difference!   For the past 4 years I have been volunteering at the Trust helping young people start up their own business. An increasing number of those businesses now operate solely online or use a website as the primary way to sell their products and services. Without […]

How Bad SEO is Killing Small Businesses

Many of the clients that attend my SEO training courses have had a bad experience with the SEO agencies they previously hired to improve their visibility on Google. I surveyed 1,000 business owners (with fewer than 100 employees) who used an external SEO agency to see how they felt about the service they had received.     Danny’s […]

How do Small Business Owners Perceive SEO?

This data was collected in conjunction with CINT from 500 UK business owners (with fewer than 100 employees) to find out what they understand and feel about SEO training and search marketing. I hope you find the results useful and informative.     This infographic is a sequel to our ‘What do the Public Understand […]

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